DIET background

The DIET project

The DIET Agents platform was created as part of the DIET project, where DIET stands for Decentralised Information Ecosystem Technologies. This was a European collaboration project funded by the European union under the Framework 5 program. The DIET project was part of the Information Societies Technologies projects, more specifically the Universal Information Ecosystem Initiative. The project finished 1 July 2003, after which the DIET Agents platform has been released as Open Source.

Project goals

The goals of the DIET project were:

  • To study, implement and validate a novel information processing and management framework via a "bottom up" and ecosystem-inspired approach leading to an open, robust, adaptive and scalable environment. This has resulted in the DIET Agents platform.

  • To research into the effects of alternative forms of agent-interaction under an ecological model, using techniques from Evolutionary Computation and Artificial Life.

  • To validate and demonstrate the usefulness of the platform, via four tasks: information retrieval, filtering, mining and trading.


The partners of the DIET project were:

  • BT, United Kingdom
    • Main contributions:
      • Coordination of DIET project
      • Development of DIET Agents platform
      • Research into decentralisation and self-organisation
      • Development of DIET applications
    • Contact: Dr. Paul Marrow, Pervasive ICT Centre, BT

  • DFKI, Germany
  • Technical University of Crete, Greece
  • Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Spain
    • Main contributions:
      • Research into information retrieval, mining and filtering
      • Development of DIET applications
    • Contact: Prof. Francisco Valverde-Albacete, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid

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