Example applications

The DIET Agents platform includes various sample applications that illustrate how to use particular features of the platform. However, to give an idea of what DIET Agents can be used for, we present some larger applications that have been developed which are not included with the platform software:

Decentralised look-up using SWAN

SWAN screenshot
SWAN running on Beowulf cluster (click image to enlarge)

SWAN (Small World Adaptive Networks) is a fully decentralised look-up system for peer-to-peer networks. It provides generic functionality that can be used in a wide range of distributed applications. DIET has been used to develop a distributed implementation of SWAN. The lightweight nature of DIET has allowed us to run a system of 100,000 nodes on a 16-node Beowulf cluster.

Self-Organising Communities

SOC screenshot
Self-Organising Communities demo applications (click image to enlarge)

Self-Organising Communities provides a novel approach to construct flexible and effective user organisation in distributed, dynamic information systems. In particular, middle agents are employed to organise users according to users’ expressed characteristics (e.g. behaviour). Middle agents search suitable information resources in response to user requests, and at the same time, monitor and recognise user behaviour, and group users that have matching behaviour together. So eventually users with similar preferences or interests can be automatically clustered into the same community.

P2P content sharing

P2P-DIET client
P2P-DIET content sharing client

P2P-DIET is a super-peer system that supports ad-hoc querying and selective information dissemination in a P2P network. The main concepts of P2P-DIET are queries and subscriptions (continuous queries). The capability of location-independent addressing is supported while the features of Stored Notifications and Rendezvous guarantee consistency while clients disconnect. P2P-DIET contains a fault-tolerance mechanism that guarantees connectivity despite network failure or silent node departure.

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